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Stand up for Minnesota's state parks and trails

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State Lawmakers are now deciding how to invest Park and Trail Legacy Fund


By overwhelmingly passing the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment last November, Minnesotans issued a clear directive to state lawmakers that we want to see Minnesota's great park and trail legacy protected and passed on to future generations. State lawmakers are now making decisions on how to spend this new legacy funding, and it is imperative they demonstrate to all Minnesotans that the amendment's proceeds are invested wisely.

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Support state park and trail investments that produce visible results

Dear Representative,

Minnesotans value our interconnected systems of parks and trails. But a rapidly growing population and aging infrastructure means more must be done to protect these outdoor treasures that are so essential to our economy, our health and our outdoor way of life.

It is especially critical then that we invest a portion of the new Park and Trail Fund established by the Legacy Amendment in our state park and trail system – one of the oldest systems in the nation. We must take care of the legacy left to us by previous legislatures.

The Parks & Trails Council of Minnesota, a 55-year-old grassroots membership organization of which I’m a member, has put together a responsible plan to ensure that Minnesotans see tangible results from the investments for which we voted. The plan (HF1493 and SF1729) establishes measurable outcomes that will result in improved visitor services, expanded natural resource management and enhanced facility maintenance for our state parks and trails.

Investing in Minnesota’s outdoor recreation system – our parks and trails – is not only a smart investment in our tourism economy, but it also spurs economic development and contributes to active and healthy citizens.

Let’s continue Minnesota’s legacy of a strong park and trail system by making important investments in these special places for our children and our grandchildren. Please support HF1493 and SF1729.

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