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Protect our water from sulfide mining pollution!

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The lakes, rivers and streams of Minnesota are why many of us love living here. They are sources of clean drinking water and places where memories are made at resorts and campsites, in fishing boats and on skis.


Sulfide mining is a new form of mining for Minnesota, but could have a big impact on our prized lakes, rivers and streams, as well as leave the states taxpayers holding the bag for massive clean-up costs.

The impacts of sulfide mining are well known in the western United States, where mines have polluted lakes, rivers and streams, and mining companies have filed for bankruptcy and walked away from multi-million dollar clean-up operations.

Allowing sulfide mines that would require perpetual water treatment is too risky a gamble for our state. It is almost impossible to accurately predict how much money it will cost to treat polluted wastewater from mines, and it's just as difficult to make sure the necessary money is available to the state for the decades and decades of treatment.

Now, this potentially dangerous form of mining might come to Minnesota. Currently, mining companies are interested in mining a region of Minnesota's north country that stretches northeast from the town of Hoyt Lakes and up to the very edges of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. And there is the potential for sulfide mines to be located in other areas of Minnesota as well.

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Support the Safes Mines to Protect Our Water legislation

Dear Representative,

Our lakes, rivers and streams are what make Minnesota such a special place and this is an important legacy to leave to our kids and grandkids.

But new sulfide mines threaten that legacy, because they could pollute our water and leave Minnesota taxpayers holding the bag for expensive clean-up operations.

Sulfide mines in other states have polluted lakes, rivers and streams with sulfuric acid and toxic metals, killing fish and leaving the water unsafe to drink. We cannot take that risk here in Minnesota.

The Safes Mines to Protect Our Water legislation (SF 845/HF 916) is important to make sure sulfide mining is done right in Minnesota, and will prevent us from experiencing the types of problems other states have with this form of mining.

Please support the Safe Mines bill and make sure it gets a committee hearing. We need to pass the Safe Mines legislation now, so that sulfide mining is done right in Minnesota from the start, and not wait until we have had the sort of disasters that other states have experienced before passing the necessary laws.

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