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Bring Resolutions for Clean Water and Clean Energy to Your Precinct Caucus!

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Precinct Caucuses: 7:00 p.m. on February 7


Precinct Caucuses Launch the Election Season
Major parties are required by law to hold precinct caucuses on "caucus night," as set by the Secretary of State. Each party determines its own procedures.

Everyone who lives within a voting precinct and is a qualified voter (or will be by the next election) can participate in one party's precinct caucus in any one year. (Precinct = local voting district)

First layer of democratic elections
The precinct caucus is the first step on the road to the final selection of candidates and platforms.  The next step is either a county or legislative district convention, followed by a congressional district convention, a state convention and finally, in presidential election years, the national convention.  At each level, issues and candidates are discussed and voted on by the delegates selected from the prior level.

Why should I attend my caucus?
Caucuses give you and your neighbors in the precinct an opportunity to discuss issues that are important to you - a chance to say how you would like to see a problem addressed.   It is also your opportunity to influence the candidate selection within your party.

You can introduce resolutions on issues you support; this is the beginning of building a party’s platform.  The caucus is also the beginning of the formal process of selecting candidates to represent your party in the general election in November.

You may take an active role by becoming a delegate to the next level of meetings and perhaps join a committee to plan the next meeting. You may choose to go only to observe the process.

How do I decide which party caucus to attend?
Find out the positions of the parties on issues that are important to you and decide if you are in general agreement with one of the parties.  When you sign in at a caucus, you will be stating that you do support the basic tenets of that party, have done so in the past or plan to in the next election.  This is not a lifetime commitment, nor even an absolute requirement to vote for only one party at the general election. You may also go to either party caucus as a non-voting observer.

When and where are the caucuses held?
In even years, caucuses for the major parties (as defined by state law) take place at 7:00 p.m. on the date established in every voting precinct of the state. Usually, they are held in early February. This year Precinct Caucuses are on Feb. 7th!

Visit the Secretary of State’s website (Click on "more" below) to find your caucus location or call the Secretary of State Elections Division at 651-296-2803.

Support clean water and clean energy by introducing these resolutions.

-Click Here for Sulfide Mining Resolution #1
-Click Here for Sulfide Mining Resolution #2
-Click Here for Sulfide Mining Factsheet
-Click Here for Path to Clean Energy Resolution
-Click Here for Health, Environment and Chemicals Resolution
-Click Here for Township and Community Rights Resolution
-Click Here for Clean Water, Land and Legacy Resolution
-Click Here for Constitutional Budget Amendment Resolution
-Click Here for Global Warming/Energy/Transportation Resolutions

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