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Rally to Protect Wild Rice (Manoomin)

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Wild Rice is harmed by sulfate levels over 10 parts Per Liter. The legislature wants to get rid of the standards.


Wild Rice is the Minnesota State Grain, it is central to the culture of the Native American (Anishinabeg) people of our region and it is part of our state's natural resource treasure. Wild Rice does not thrive in waters that have greater than 10 mg per liter. Bills currently in the legislature threaten to eliminate the standard set in regulation without prior scientific rationale being presented. The existing regulation is based on sound science (see Http://www.friendscvsf.org/WildRice.html for data and links )

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Protect Minnesota's Wild Rice

Dear Governor,

Protect our state's Wild Rice (Manoomin), keep the current regulations in place that limit sulfate discharges to 10 mg per liter. Do not allow changes that would change or eliminate the current standard in advance of the research which is being conducted in the normal process of reevaluating the standard.

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