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Wild Rice and Hotdish: Two Minnesota Traditions

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Send Your Legislators Your Favorite Wild Rice Hotdish Recipe as a Reminder to Protect Our Wild Rice and Our Water


Make sure to take time this week to tell your legislators, U.S. Senators, and the Governor that you value Minnesota’s lakes, rivers, and streams and to stop this assault on Minnesota’s wild rice and our Great Outdoors.

Among the legislative measures that would rollback Minnesota’s environmental protections:

· Removing restrictions on coal-fired electricity, allowing more dirty coal power to be produced or imported into Minnesota – and delaying the development of clean energy jobs;
· Lowering water quality standards for phosphorus discharges into Lake Pepin: This bill essentially allows pollution of the Mississippi River and cherished Lake Pepin for eight months of the year;
· Severely cutting the budgets for State Parks reducing or eliminating park security, running water and grounds upkeep, in 10-12 state parks;
· Prohibiting new water rules to protect and restore Minnesota’s lakes, rivers and streams;
· Repealing protections and allowing development along the Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area;
· Exempting large ethanol facilities from mandatory environmental review; and
· Weakening permit standards for large feedlots

These provisions threaten Minnesota’s lakes, rivers and streams, and that goes against the wishes of 1.6 million of Minnesotans who voted for the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment.

Minnesotans want to protect our lakes, rivers and streams – clean water is the number one reason Minnesotans voted to raise their taxes for the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment.

Earth Week is a time for all of us to reflect on the Great Outdoors legacy we want to leave our children and grandchildren. Send your legislators your favorite wild rice hotdish recipe to remind them to protect our air, land and water (feel free to post your recipe on their facebook pages, too).

We included a wild rice hot dish recipe in the message for you but please send your own if you wish. For a list of recipes from Minnesota’s Congressional Delegation’s Hotdish Competition in January, click on "more". Note: 3 of the 5 Hotdish recipes include Minnesota wild rice.

Visit www.protect.mn for more information.

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Wild Rice Hotdish Recipe - Protect Minnesota’s Water and Wild Rice

Dear Governor,

I’m passing along my favorite Wild Rice Hotdish recipe as a reminder to protect Minnesota’s water and wild rice this legislative session.

As you know, wild rice is Minnesota’s state grain. There are policy provisions in the House and Senate budget bills to weaken or suspend Minnesota’s water quality standards for wild rice, in addition to other policies that threaten our water.

I’m concerned about sulfate water pollution from mining companies and mercury and sulfates from burning more coal. The combination of pollutants will result in more mercury contamination in our fish. And sulfates will damage wild rice.

I’m also concerned about lowering water quality standards for Lake Pepin and the Mississippi River, exempting certain industries from environmental review (ethanol plants), weakening permit standards for industrial animal feedlots, cutting funding for State Parks, and enacting any policy that prohibits further action by state agencies to protect our water.

As a supporter of the Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment, I urge you to do more, not less, to protect our water.

Simple Wild Rice Hot Dish:
-4 cups cooked meat (chicken, grouse, duck, pheasant, venison, etc.)
-4 cups cooked Minnesota wild rice
-1 can cream of mushroom or celery
-1 can chicken or vegetable stock
-1 small diced onion
Mix ingredients, grease pan, pour mixture in pan and bake at 350 for one hour.

Better enjoy this wild rice hotdish now – before our waters are too contaminated to produce our state grain.

Please take action to protect our water.


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