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State lawmakers are gutting environmental protections and water quality standards.

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Contact your legislators and protect our water.


State lawmakers are gutting environmental protections and water quality standards. There is a long list of bills that would weaken, suspend, or eliminate protective regulations.

Elected officials are out of touch with what Minnesota citizens want. They must hear from their constituents (you) to influence their actions at the Capitol. We need a loud and strong citizen response to these bad bills.

Remind our elected officials that they work for us and our children, not the polluters.

Personalize the message to say what you care about most, what campaign promises you voted for, why you are demanding your elected officials act in your interests rather than serving polluters.

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Attacks on Minnesota clean water must stop now

Dear Minnesota Legislators and Governor,

I am alarmed by the number of bills that would weaken, suspend, or eliminate the protective environmental regulations for Minnesota’s treasured water resources.

Attacking Minnesota’s lakes, rivers, and streams and granting special favors for industry and polluters are not what Minnesotans want, and these attacks will not provide for the wise, long-term stewardship of our natural resources.

This attack on Minnesota clean water must stop now!

Polluters are using the state of our economy and job creation as an excuse to weaken the laws and standards that protect our water.

Please oppose any weakening of existing water policies, specifically OPPOSE those that:
- Weaken water quality standards, jeopardizing natural wild rice with additional mining pollution
- Allow legislative interference with agency oversight and rulemaking, and
- Put our waters at risk from phosphorus released by wastewater treatment plants and other pollution sources

Our water is a cherished natural resource and a legacy we leave our children. Thank you for standing up for Minnesota's future by protecting our water.


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