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Environment Committee Chair of State Senate Meeting in Alexandria

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Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen is Chair of the Environment & Natural Resources Committee


Constituent Meeting: Meetings with elected officials provide you- the voter, with an opportunity to share your concerns, ideas, and issues with the people that represent you. An in-district meeting is a convenient way for legislators and constituents to gather for a dialogue about the current and pressing issues facing our state. Please join us for this opportunity to meet with the Chair of the Environment and Natural Resources committee, Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen.

Pre-Meeting: A constituent only meeting will be held one hour before the start of the meeting with Senator Ingebrigtsen. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the Minnesota Environmental Partnership’s collaborative priorities and share your concerns about environmental protection. We highly encourage you to participate in the pre-meeting to ensure a successful and efficient meeting with the Senator.

Meeting: If you are not able to attend the pre-meeting, please arrive at the Douglas County Library by 11:45 am so we can assemble, get settled in, and ensure that everyone is on the same page. We'll be meeting with the Senator by 12:00!

For more information:
Please see the attached fact sheets or visit one of the following websites:

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP by contacting Andrew at 651-290-0154 or by emailing andrewspaeth@mepartnership.org.

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RSVP: Meeting with Senator Ingebrigtsen

Dear Minnesota Environmental Partnership,

I would like to attend the meeting with Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen in Alexandria on Friday, February 4th. Please send me a reminder email before the event. I will check the www.protect.mn website for more information on environmental issues.

Thank you.


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