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Take Action to Make Roads Safer for Pedestrians, Bicyclists, and All Minnesotans

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Complete Streets for All Minnesotans


Complete Streets Rally and Parade --
Join our mini-parade to the Capitol where we will deliver thousands of postcards to Governor Pawlenty from Minnesotans supporting Complete Streets! DFL and Republican elected officials will join us and we'll hear from representatives from different groups -- seniors, parents, and more.

Pre-Rally: If you are interested in helping to make signs, banners, and other fun visibility stuff, please come to MEP - the Minnesota Environmental Partnership's office at 11 am! We'll be meeting in the board room and we'll have posters and markers available for you to make signs supporting Complete Streets!

Rally/Parade: Please arrive at MEP by 11:45 am so we can assemble, hand out signs, and make our game plan for our rally/parade over to the Capitol. We'll be rallying and marching to the Capitol together by 12:00! All modes of transportation are welcome - walk, bike, or roll from the MEP office to the Capitol to show your support and enthusiasm this legislation!

Card Drop: We'll arrive at the Capitol and hear from two legislators on the bill, and three grassroots coalition members who represent varied perspectives on the benefits of Complete Streets. After that, we'll all gather at Governor Pawlenty's office and have people from across the complete streets coalition present the 5,000 cards to the governor.

If you are interested in attending, contact Owen at 651-767-0298 ext. 130 or owend@tlcminnesota.org.

To see a short informative video about Complete Streets, click on "More" below.

Why Complete Streets?

Safety. Minnesota’s roads and streets should be safe for all Minnesotans. People should not be hurt or die because we don’t have this simple legislation in place.

Choices, accessibility, and equity. All Minnesotans deserve roads that help them get around their community safely and independently. This legislation will help remove transportation barriers for seniors, children, and people with disabilities, and give people cheaper transportation choices.

Commonsense/cost effective. Complete Streets is a commonsense process that uses taxpayers’ money more efficiently by better responding to local needs and making sure that we build roads right the first time – rather than fixing them after a tragedy occurs, when the costs are much greater.

Health. Safe roads support increased physical activity and better health by making it easier for citizens to get around on foot or by bike.

Flexibility for local governments. Current Mn/DOT rules impose rigid statewide design requirements on our local communities that can lead to roads that cost more, are less safe, do not serve the community, and hurt economic vitality and quality of life. Complete Streets will give communities (and everyday people) more say in building roads that work for them.

Transportation cost savings for families. Complete Streets will provide Minnesota’s families with more affordable transportation options, thereby helping to reduce how much they spend on gasoline.

Economic development and tourism. Complete Streets will help create more attractive and livable communities across the state, which supports vibrant and profitable businesses and attracts tourism and investment in the state.

Environment. Complete Streets will support more walking and bicycling, clean transportation choices that reduce our dependence on costly energy sources and help protect Minnesota’s rivers, lakes, and air quality.

Transportation efficiency. It will reduce congestion by improving the efficiency and coordination of our transportation system.

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Support Complete Streets for All Minnesotans

Dear Governor,

I ask for your support on the Complete Streets bill. This legislation will help remove transportation barriers for seniors, children, and people with disabilities, and give people more transportation choices. Making our streets and roads more accessible to biking and walking provides more options that promote clean air and good health. By rethinking how we design our roads and streets we make sure our streets are safer for all Minnesotans regardless of how they get around.

[Please add a personal story in your message of why safer roads for everyone are important to you]

Please join me in supporting the Complete Streets bill that will provide more transportation options.

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