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Minnesota’s Path to a Clean Energy Future!

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Defeat Dirty Coal and Expensive Nuclear in Minnesota


Minnesotans cherish our natural resources and take pride in our outdoor heritage. Over the years, we have passed laws to protect our land, water and air. These laws provide the bedrock of Minnesota’s environmental policy. We need your help to defend existing laws from being weakened or repealed.

Clean Energy:
Sound energy policies increase our use of renewable energy sources, provide incentives to utilities to promote energy efficiency, and achieve our goal of reducing Minnesota’s global warming pollution. This includes maintaining the prohibition on the construction of new coal-burning power plants and nuclear reactors.

The Next Generation Act of 2007 established global warming pollution reduction goals for Minnesota. The goal was set to achieve an 80 percent reduction in global warming pollution by 2050. The Act also set new goals for increased energy efficiency savings, established a nation-leading renewable energy standard, and prohibited the construction of new fossil fuel-burning power plants after August 2009 if regulations to control global warming pollution are not in effect by that date.

In late February 2010, bills were introduced to repeal the prohibition on the importation of electric energy from coal-burning power plants in other states. Coal harms our air quality and hinders investments in home-grown renewable energy.

New nuclear energy is expensive. Utilities in Florida and Texas are attempting to build plants at a cost of over $18 billion. These costs are so high that utilities are charging ratepayers extra fees every month on their electrical bills to cover construction costs even though the plants have not been built yet.

Minnesota’s moratorium on the construction of new nuclear reactors was enacted for a good reason — we had no safe, long-term storage for our existing radioactive waste. That hasn’t changed. We don’t need to lift the moratorium and lead the state down this dangerous and expensive energy path.

Take Action Today:
Dirty coal and expensive nuclear amendments are expected to be introduced when the House votes on energy bills on the floor next week. Urge your legislators to oppose attempts allow additional coal and nuclear. Your elected officials needs to hear from you TODAY.

Please email (below) and CALL today!

Representatives: 651-296-2146 or 800-657-3550 toll free
Senators: (651) 296-0504 or 888-234-1112 toll free

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Defeat dirty coal and nuclear amendments

Dear Representative,

Minnesota has made great progress toward a clean energy economy and allowing more dirty coal and expensive nuclear will undermine years of progress. Coal and nuclear are just not sensible solutions to increasing our energy independence and protecting Minnesota’s Great Outdoors.

We need to make our investments in homegrown and clean renewable energy sources.

Stay on the path to clean, renewable energy and vote to keep Minnesota's restrictions dirty coal and expensive nuclear. Keep Minnesota on the path as a national leader in the clean energy economy.

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