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Protect and Defend Minnesota’s Great Outdoors Legacy!

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Minnesotans value our lakes, rivers, streams, and Great Outdoors. We care about keeping our air and water clean for our health and our safety. We share a long outdoors tradition that we want to pass on to our children and grandchildren. And even in these tough economic times, as Minnesotans we hold tight to their desire to protect and defend our Great Outdoors Legacy.

Without forward-thinking design for safer roads and streets, we will continue to put lives in danger and miss opportunities to encourage more clean transportation options.

If some legislators get their way, moratoriums on new coal and nuclear power plants would be removed before pollution reductions plans are enacted or safe radioactive waste storage sites are established.

If we don’t take action and proper assurances in place, a new type of toxic-producing mining could threaten our treasured Boundary Waters and Lake Superior, risking our health and causing taxpayers to be stuck with the clean-up bill.

In these tough economic times, we must keep politicians true to the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Constitutional Amendment and not let those funds be used for unintended purposes, violating the trust of the voters who overwhelmingly supported it.

Precinct Caucuses
If you plan to attend your Precinct Caucuses on Feb. 2 at 7 p.m., visit this website for resolutions for safe mines, complete streets, and the nuclear moratorium. (Please copy and paste the links into your browser.)


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Protect and Defend Minnesota's Outdoor Legacy

Dear Representative,

I am writing to urge your support to:

• Make our roads safer for all Minnesotans, we can adopt Complete Streets legislation that will provide more clean transportation options;

• Ensure that taxpayers aren’t left paying for toxic waste clean-ups, we can have new non-ferrous sulfide mining operations pay a damage deposit that covers long-term clean-up costs and is guaranteed even if companies go bankrupt;

• Keep on our course for safe, clean energy. We must maintain the moratoriums on new coal and nuclear power plants until pollution reduction plans are implemented and permanent radioactive waste sites are established;

• Stay true to the Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment and keep long-term conservation and transit bonding investments at historic funding levels.

By protecting and defending Minnesota’s Great Outdoors legacy, we can keep our state a safe, healthy place for our children and grandchildren, and pass on our outdoor traditions.

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